Monday, December 20, 2010

Statement Rings: Affordable Knuckle Dusters

Chunky Statement Rings Still Hot this Season
Statement Rings, those oversized rings often called cocktail rings, knuckle dusters, or bling rings, continue to be a hot, hot trend.  And, they're not just for cocktail hour anymore.  You can and should wear them to work, out on a casual date, to dinner with friends, or that special date night.  Ginormous rings, vintage rings, and big vintage rings continue to make a major statement in the fashion world.

Check out Oprah's picks for cool, chunky style at or head on over to Dabchick Vintage Gems, for some fun and affordable vintage rings starting at only $10.  Hurry selection is limited.

Vintage Bridal Statement Ring Only $15 with FREE US SHIPPING on Etsy,

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Bauble Necklace: Before & After

The Pearl Bauble Statement Necklace:  A Before and After Project

Here are some before and after pictures of a tired and worn vintage costume pearl necklace I restyled into total fabulousness!  I loved the old style of the pearl baubles, but the worn and crumpled pearls had to go...  Now the entire necklace is refreshed with new grey pearl beads and silver head pins.  The old, vintage chain and findings were polished up a bit and recycled.  And, voila (as my nine year says), a newly retro pearl statement necklace!

Old, crumbling pearls had lost their luster...

New pearl beads and head pins, elbow grease, and lots of time later.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Great Tips for Layering Jewelry from One of My Favorite Bloggers, Love Maegan

For some time I've been following the very stylish, funny, and super fab Maegan on her blog

In fact, lots of people like to "borrow" Maegan's image and sage wisdom to sell their products...  So here's some of Maegan's tips for layering jewelry including an image of Maegan "borrowed" from another of her admirers.

Click here:

if you want to check out the Press Release using my photo to ... on Twitpic

If you're looking for some beautiful vintage repurposed jewelry to get Maegan's layered look, look no further than my Etsy shop.  (Gratuitous self promotion....)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Handmade Holidays from the Etsy Sac Team in Midtown Sacramento Dec. 11.

Free Vintage Costume Jewelry? Thank You!

Well, I am beside my self.  Here's the deal.  The boss of one of my best jewelry clients is giving me his Grandmother's vintage costume jewelry (FOR FREE)!!!  And, she owned a costume jewelry shop.  Hours of creativity coming my way.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Strategic Plan for Your Jewelry? How to Wear Exactly the Right Jewelry for your Body Type

Strategic Jewelry Planning? Get the Right Look Every Time

You've heard about dressing for your body type, right? Well, fashionistas claim that wearing jewelry strategically, based on your body type, can play a major role in what features (and dare we say flaws) you choose to highlight or minimize.

The type of jewelry you wear and how you place it on your body can accent or downplay your features. Here are some suggestions:

Long necklaces add length to a short neck and bring attention away from the hips and to the front and center of your body. Long necklaces include strands of pearls or other beaded necklaces, layered chains, and beautiful vintage lariat style necklaces. Layer them for a hip modern look to lengthen and slim your torso.   Here are a couple to try:

Vintage Pearl Lariat
Repurposed Chandelier Lariat

Mid-chest bibs, large focal point statement necklaces, and big chandelier earrings say "look at my face" rather than drawing attention to your middle. These sparklers bring the focus upward to the bust and face and can do wonders for emphasizing eyes, lips, and chest. Try these sparklers:

Pearl Statement Necklace

Vintage Repurposed Necklace

Chain & Rhinestone Recycled Choker
Large Vintage Earrings

Sparkly cuffs, stacks of dangle bracelets, and large statement cocktail rings draw the eyes to the wrists and hands instead of those less than toned upper arms (for some of us, anyway). Wearing these pieces with sleeveless tops or strapless dresses can be a great trick to draw attention away from the un-ripped bicep! Check out these statement rings or layer some vintage bracelets for a great look:

Chunky Pearl Vintage Charm Bracelet

Vintage Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet

Vintage Glam Pearl Statement Ring

Jewelry as strategy? You bet. With a few of these tricks in your jewelry box, you can wear your gems strategically to accent your best features everyday.   If you're looking for modern vintage jewelry to complement your wardrobe, visit

Friday, November 19, 2010

Five Essentials to Update Your Jewelry Box

     With these five essential elements, you can transform tired and worn costume or vintage jewelry into fabulous new creations:

1.  Courage!  It takes courage to tear up old jewelry, especially sentimental pieces.  Rule of thumb:  If it gives you heartburn, don't do it.  Go to a thrift store and find something cool without the sentiment attached to it.

Basic Jewelry Tools
2.  Tools and Techniques.  I use three tools over and over:  good wire cutters, long nose pliers and round nose pliers.  With a small investment in tools, you can do a lot of creative damage!  Once you invest in the tools, learn a few simple techniques like how to open and close a jump ring and how to loop wire.  You Tube is a great source for learning basic wire jewelry techniques.  Check out this video:  YouTube - Looping Method For Wire Wrapping

Jump Rings
3.  Jump rings.  Jump rings come in a variety of sizes, thickness and materials.  I use 7 mm jump rings most often to attach charms, brooches, pins and chain.  I use sterling silver and gold filled jump rings for most projects, but you may want to use less expensive silver tone or gold tone jump rings, depending upon the value of the piece.

4.  Head pins and eye pins.  I'm lumping these two items into one category.  You can use wire head pins and eye pins to restring jewelry, create earrings from old beads, attach brooches to chain, and much, much more.  Often I'll take a an old vintage double or triple strand necklace and restring the beads vertically using new head and eye pins.

Vintage chain

5.  Chain.  Old or new, chain can be used to refashion jewelry into major statement pieces.  I buy chain by the yard at jewelry supply stores, but sometimes I'll hit the clearance aisle at Kohls or Target to pick up chain.  I disregard the pendants and beads, since I'm primarily looking for quality chain, and fastenings.

With a small investment in a few tools and techniques, you can transform your jewelry into new, sparkling treasures like these:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Citrine Dreams Makes Etsy's Front Page!

Happy Monday!  My vintage repurposed Citrine necklace is featured on the front page of Etsy this morning.  I'm excited given all the jewelry designers selling on this unique, handmade portal of fabulousness...  My "views" went from 38 last night to nearly 400 as of 8 am this morning.

The Front Page of Etsy...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sac Etsy Blog: Sac Etsy Team Treasury of the Week

Sac Etsy Blog: Sac Etsy Team Treasury of the Week: "Curated by Sparkling Sisters Jewelry"

Some of the very talented artists from Sacramento's Team Etsy. Yes, I'm tooting my own horn here, too...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bury Me in Tom Binns

I love everything about Tom Binns jewelry.  Lush crystals... over the top glam...  chunky chains.  Edgy and over the top.  This beauty's on sale for $595 over at Gilt.  Pretty please...

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Best Feeling

How terrific is it that people buy something you made with your own hands to express their own personal style?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sad to say goodbye

Just shipped this vintage pearl and rhinestone necklace off to a beautiful bride-to-be from Rhode Island.  Sort of sad to see it go...  More to come on

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dabchick Vintage Gems Heads to Midtown Bazaar Sept. 18

I'm heading to Sacramento's Midtown Bazaar Sept. 18 from 8 am to 1pm.  Join me at Sac's newest shopping venue.  There's some terrific artisans, musicians, and yummy food, too.  Mention "trunk show" for a 20 percent discount on all your purchases Sept. 18th!

The Bazaar is located at 16th and J Streets in midtown.

See ya there!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Up and Running on Etsy!

Well, I've got my shop, Dabchick Vintage Gems, up and running on Etsy with 29 items and six sales this past month. Not quite the empire I'd envisioned but it's a fun place to showcase what I love to do; repurposing vintage jewelry into something stylish and wearable. In addition, I've got a Facebook Fan Page, a Flickr presence, a YouTube video, and now this blog... How do I tie it all together and come up with some cohesive online strategy that doesn't suck all my time?

While I figure that one out, the boy needs breakfast and the dog needs to visit the vet!

YouTube: DabChick Vintage Gems-Large.m4v