Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedding Jewelry for the Bridal Party: Vintage Wedding Bracelets

Vintage Rhinestone Wedding Bracelets for Bride, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids by Dabchick Vintage Gems

These four lovely cuff bracelets are infused with a lovely vintage bride floral theme.  They're perfect for an outdoor venue, a flower-filled extravaganza, or even a winter white wedding.  

Wedding Jewelry Vintage Rhinestone Floral Cuffs by Dabchick Vintage Gems
Bridal Cuff
The large bridal cuff is spectacular at two inches wide and filled with vintage rhinestones, milk glass flowers, and lovely repurposed antique jewelry.  The maid of honor's bracelet is set off by a row of snow white milk glass, and vintage rhinestones, and the two bridesmaid's cuffs combine similar elements to a cohesive, romantic style.  The bridal party cuffs are 1 and 1/2 inches wide.
Bridesmaid Cuff
Bridesmaid Cuff

Maid of Honor Cuff Bracelet

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Nice to Be Appreciated

Dabchick Vintage Gems Customer Kudos

Cool Customers...
It's nice to receive a thank you note from a happy customer.  It makes creating art and making jewelry all the more rewarding.  Here's a quick "atta girl" from Connie, who purchased one of my all time favorite jeweled statement cuffs.

Thank you so much for the beautiful bracelet. I collect jewelry and this is so very different from anything else I have. Thanks for reserving for me. Kind Regards, Connie