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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Strategic Plan for Your Jewelry? How to Wear Exactly the Right Jewelry for your Body Type

Strategic Jewelry Planning? Get the Right Look Every Time

You've heard about dressing for your body type, right? Well, fashionistas claim that wearing jewelry strategically, based on your body type, can play a major role in what features (and dare we say flaws) you choose to highlight or minimize.

The type of jewelry you wear and how you place it on your body can accent or downplay your features. Here are some suggestions:

Long necklaces add length to a short neck and bring attention away from the hips and to the front and center of your body. Long necklaces include strands of pearls or other beaded necklaces, layered chains, and beautiful vintage lariat style necklaces. Layer them for a hip modern look to lengthen and slim your torso.   Here are a couple to try:

Vintage Pearl Lariat
Repurposed Chandelier Lariat

Mid-chest bibs, large focal point statement necklaces, and big chandelier earrings say "look at my face" rather than drawing attention to your middle. These sparklers bring the focus upward to the bust and face and can do wonders for emphasizing eyes, lips, and chest. Try these sparklers:

Pearl Statement Necklace

Vintage Repurposed Necklace

Chain & Rhinestone Recycled Choker
Large Vintage Earrings

Sparkly cuffs, stacks of dangle bracelets, and large statement cocktail rings draw the eyes to the wrists and hands instead of those less than toned upper arms (for some of us, anyway). Wearing these pieces with sleeveless tops or strapless dresses can be a great trick to draw attention away from the un-ripped bicep! Check out these statement rings or layer some vintage bracelets for a great look:

Chunky Pearl Vintage Charm Bracelet

Vintage Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet

Vintage Glam Pearl Statement Ring

Jewelry as strategy? You bet. With a few of these tricks in your jewelry box, you can wear your gems strategically to accent your best features everyday.   If you're looking for modern vintage jewelry to complement your wardrobe, visit

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