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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bridal Jewelry That Makes a Statement

Custom Bridal Necklace by Dabchick Vintage Gems on Etsy

Wedding Jewelry for Brides
Wrapping up a busy holiday season with a final custom bridal necklace to ship out today.  This necklace features grey, cream and white pearls, with crystal accents and vintage rhinestones. 

The clasp is a lovely solitaire ring and hook.  Very appropriate for a wedding day.

Lovely ring hook and clasp.
If you're looking a custom jewelry for your wedding day, visit Dabchick Vintage Gems on Etsy for styles and ideas.  Custom bridal necklaces, wedding party jewelry and mother of the bride accents are our specialty.  Visit Dabchick Vintage Gems for Bridal Jewelry.

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